Video Series Part 1: Cal Banyan Interviews Roy Hunter

Roy Hunter

Part 1: An Interview with Roy Hunter, Hypnotist, Award Winning Writer and Trainer

Roy Hunter is a well known author who has won many awards in the field of hypnosis and worked closely with Charles Tebbetts. He is an expert in hypnosis, and especially parts work. He is the author of "the Art of Hypnotherapy," and his latest, "Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution." All of these books are available on www.hypnosis.ORG. He also writes for our e-zine and has contributed articles and scripts for the mall for you to download and enjoy.

Welcome to this free hypnosis training program! At Hypnosis.ORG we help you to learn hypnosis and advance your hypnosis skills.

I am proud to bring to you, Roy Hunter who is famous in the profession for the speaking he has done for almost every hypnosis organization in the world, the training he does and for his many books:

  • The Art of Hypnosis

  • The Art of Hypnotherapy

  • Parts Work for Conflict Resolution

It was interesting how this video series came about. I was fortunate to connect with Roy Hunter while he was on vacation here in California. We got together and I approached him about coming to the Banyan Hypnosis Center and doing a series of video Podcasts with me. He was enthusiastic about it and we went right into our classroom where we conduct our hypnosis training programs. I then decided to make this recordings available here as well.

All four of these recordings were recorded Saturday (February 10, 2007). Because this recording was done on a "moment's notice" you will see that Roy Hunter and I are in casual attire. We hope you will excuse us, just this one time. :-)

Now, I want to invite you to enjoy thease video's, and to check back here to the Meet the Pros Program as we continue the series by publishing each of the videos over the weeks and months ahead.

I want to thank Roy Hunter to take the time to provide this free hypnosis training to our website visitors. He has always been the kind of person who would do that sort of thing. Thanks!