How YOU Can Make Some Real Money Doing Hypnosis Shows

Jerry Valley

Are you ready for another Meet the Pros Program? This recording of Meet the Pros program will come to you over the Internet and through your computer. This free hypnosis seminar is with Jerry Valley the famous stage hypnotist, and stage hypnosis trainer.

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Jerry Valley is a wonderful guy who really knows his stuff! He has trained hundreds of stage hypnotists from around the world, and has performed thousands of stage hypnosis programs over the years. He is truly a master of the art!

Meet the Pros Program Title: How YOU Can Make Some Real Money Doing Hypnosis Shows

Description: How easy stage hypnosis is to learn and do. How soon can one get started with or without previous experience, and how YOU can make up to $3000 or more per show. You will also learn about what the competition is and how it affects the stage hypnosis pro. You will be surprised at how to get into this very exciting part of our profession quickly and inexpensively.

Here is a quick list of topics of what will be covered in this free podcast.

  • Start doing shows within weeks after the seminar.

  • How much to charge for a show.

  • What's the easiest audience for a dynamic show.

  • How to recognize and handle Hysteria.

  • Can anyone learn stage hypnosis... do you need special talents?

  • The importance of after-class-support from your instructor!

Jerry Valley writes regularly for the free articles area.