The Truth About UltraDepth®

James Ramey

No education in hypnosis would be complete without mentioning UltraDepth®! This state was originally discovered by Walter Sichort. While Mr. Sichort continued to learn about the state and begin teaching it to a select group of dedicated students, over time, a special bond grew between Mr. Sichort and one special student, James Ramey. Later, Mr. Sichort put the future of the "Sichort State" into James Ramey's hands. Now James Ramey is THE expert on this powerful, yet controversial state.

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Here are some of the hotly debated questions which James Ramey will answer in this very interesting and informative interview:

  1. How was UltraDepth® discovered?

  2. Is it really hypnosis or something else, an altered state of consciousness perhaps?

  3. What can really be accomplished with this powerful technique?

I hope you will enjoy this interview as much as I did conducting it.

Cal Banyan
The Interviewer