NLP Tele-Seminar with Wil Horton

Wil Horton NLP

Dr. William (Wil) Horton Teaches Hypnosis Professionals the Secrets to Using Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

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What does Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) have to do with successful hypnosis sessions? More than you would ever imagine!

NLP is the Hypnotists' Secret Key to Success

NLP has been called the "secret weapon" and is used by a select number of hypnosis professionals.

Dr. Wil Horton has been teaching these fortunate hypnotists for years and has received award after award from the National Guild of Hypnotists for his contribution to the profession of hypnotism. And, now by special arrangement he is coming to the Banyan Hypnosis Center!

  • Be your best in tough situations, all the time.

  • Turn problems and obstacles into springboards for super success.

  • Speed up your learning in any field.

  • Make dramatic, positive changes in the way you think, feel and act.

  • Successfully get your message across, every time.

  • Detect patterns in human behavior.

  • See and hear more efficiently as you improve your sensory acuity.

  • Learn to model yourself based on characteristics common among high achievers.

  • Recognize how other people respond to you.

  • Defuse tense situations.

  • Understand where your competition is coming from.

  • Use objections to improve your communications.

Dr. Horton is not just any old NLP trainer, he is a licensed Psychologist, and award winning hypnosis professional. And, that means that he knows exactly what hypnotists need to know and will teach this course with that goal in mind. Dr. Horton is the founder of the NFNLP

Learn more about Dr. Horton and you will see he is not just some boring namby-pamby trainer.

What Is NLP and Why IS It So Useful?

So what is this thing we are calling NLP? Ask NLP practitioners, even the masters in the profession and you may be surprised to find that the answers vary quite a bit. That is a large part why the National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programming was founded. It was time to standardize and organize the systems and techniques that have been gathered under the "umbrella" of NLP. Dr. Horton is the leader of that movement and the President of the organization. And, with this goal in mind, he travels the world teaching the courses of that organization.

I was able to successfully incorporate several of the NLP techniques Will taught into my hypnosis sessions the very next day.
Bryan D. Toder, Certified Hypnotist, Plymouth Hypnosis Center

According to Constance Polanski, who years ago learned NLP from its co-creators, and advanced training from ABNLP states...

"Of all the trainings in NLP that I have been exposed to, Wil Horton, and NFNLP is the only training that brings it down to earth, and gives you techniques you can use the next day in your life! I got to experience NLP for the first time, not theory, not talking about it, but doing it! If you want to learn real deal NLP, take a course from Wil Horton today!"

  • Are you ready to learn one of the most important tool-sets available to the hypnosis professional?

  • Do you want to learn from one of the best and most respected in the field, who understands your needs as a hypnosis professional?

  • Obviously, the answer is a resounding, "Yes, tell me more!"

AND, you will have a great time learning these techniques because Dr. Horton, knows that when it is fun to learn, you learn at your best rate! Plus, he knows how to put it all in simple English so you will thoroughly enjoy every minute of this class. YES, you will have fun, expand your awareness, and experience deep change right in the class!!

Break Free of Limitations & You Are More Successful

Not only will you help your clients succeed, but you will get the tools you need to break free of any limitations that have been holding you back!

According to Rich Alexander, he learned more about helping people change by learning NLP from NFNLP and at the same time, he also got rid of years of personal "trash" that had been holding him back from success.

Everyone would benefit in a great way, but this is absolutely essential for hypnosis professionals. You want techniques? You will learn and be able to use these powerful NLP techniques immediately in class:

  • Circle of excellence -- have all your top resources available to you.

  • Change personal History -- alter your responses to bad memories.

  • Adding resources -- supply more skills to new areas.

  • Anchoring -- learn the secrets of master communicators by using anchors.

  • Chaining anchors -- learn to anchor new states in yourself and others.

  • Swish Patterns -- leap past limitations into a new you.

  • New Behavior Generator -- gives you dependable techniques to try on new skills; make learning easy; utilize the secrets of top sports performers.

  • Fast Phobia Technique -- release traumatic memories, defuse phobias and fears from spiders, snakes, heights, to war and PTSD.

  • Mend a Broken Heart -- help yourself and others recover from bad relationships.

  • Deep Self-Appreciation techniques to boost your self-esteem.