Hypnosis & Christianity, When Can Religion & Hypnosis Get Along - An Interview with Rev. Dr. Scot Giles

Dr. Scot Giles

Have you ever had a potential client tell you that she would really like to benefit from doing hypnosis sessions with you, but she is afraid that it might be against her religion? If not, some day you probably will.

This is an important audio program that you will want to share with others and refer to many times because this is a common concern that comes up wherever there are people who want to use hypnosis, but are concerned that it may conflict with their Christian values.

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Here are just some of the questions about hypnosis & Christianity addressed in this interview:

  • Are there grounds for such fears or concerns about hypnosis?

  • Where does this fear of hypnosis come from?

  • How can you best respond to Christians about these concerns?

  • Who can you help and who simply will not use hypnosis?

Can hypnosis be used by concerned faithful Christians? The answers are yes, no and maybe.

In this interview with Rev. Dr. Scot Giles you learn all of this and more. (The photo above is of Dr. Rev. Scot Giles, and his wife, Rev. Dr. Lindsay Bates, at last year’s 5-PATH®ers Annual Awards Banquet, the day before the NGH Convention in Marlborough, Massachusetts. He received the 5-PATH® Hypnosis Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award.)

Here are some resources mentioned in this interview:

PS - If you know someone who is qualified to be interviewed on the same topic on the behalf of Muslims, please have him or her call me (866) 662-8477.. I'd love to do an interview covering Islam and hypnosis as well.

Cal Banyan
The Interviewer