Making Money the Smart Way

Richard Harte

We are happy to bring you this third seminar by Dr. Richard Harte, who is famous for putting together the National Guild of Hypnotists' Train the Trainer program. But most do not know that he is one of THE most successful corporate trainers and consultants in the profession.

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In this third seminar he teaches us that corporate training and consulting is a perfect fit for many hypnotists. When you sit in on this seminar you will learn some things that you can use today to begin preparing to enter this lucrative part of our profession:

You will learn:

  • How to expand your opportunities using your hypnosis skills to significantly increase your income

  • How to maximize the value of your working hour.

  • How to impact a larger audience using your hypnosis skills

  • How to market yourself as a trainer/consultant in demand

  • How to become an expert working with groups

  • How all of the above will get you more free time to play

I hope you enjoy this very informative program and look at some of the other offerings that Dr. Harte has on this site such as his articles and live training programs.

Cal Banyan
The Interviewer