Parts Work

Roy Hunter

Author, trainer, professional speaker, and certified hypnosis instructor

Roy Hunter is a well known author who has won many awards in the field of hypnosis and worked closely with Charles Tebbetts. He is an expert in hypnosis, and especially parts work. He is the author of "the Art of Hypnotherapy," and his latest, "Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution." All of these books are available on www.hypnosis.ORG. He also writes for our e-zine and has contributed articles and scripts for the mall for you to download and enjoy.

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What we will cover:

  • What parts work is

  • Which clients are ideal for parts work

  • Why it's helpful for inner conflicts

  • What makes parts work different from its variations

  • Who invented parts work

  • What updates have you made to parts work

  • Why do you prefer a client-centered approach?

  • Explain the 11 steps that make up your approach to parts work

  • How can we learn more about parts work