Cal Banyan on the JD Messinger Show

Cal Banyan

JD Messinger was kind enough to have me on his radio program, 1320 AM which was also simulcast over the Internet. You can catch his show or download Podcasts from his show by going to his website at,

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Here is the description of the program...

Why were you born? Is there a purpose to life? Cal Banyan asked himself the same questions. Now he lives the life he was "called" to live. Mr. Banyan, MA, Board Certified Hypnotist, conducts hypnosis sessions, teaches self-hypnosis and writes on the subject. He says, "Each one of us has a "calling" that we were perfectly designed to fulfill. You are exactly the right race, gender, height, and have all the talents you need to do what you came into this life to do." The challenge is, how do you figure it out? Cal shares his wonderful lessons in personal evolution.